June 15, 2021

MediSapiens and VEIL.AI (Helsinki, Finland) are excited to announce their cooperation in launching an innovative process for the anonymization and harmonization of clinical data. This process will address the key challenges in fully utilizing data for the benefit of patients: access to data and combining data from several sources. The joint MediSapiens-VEIL.AI process will also improve accessibility, quality, and utility of health data while still securing privacy.

This joint process addresses the need for clinical data to be fully compliant with local regulations, but also ensures that valuable information is not lost during the anonymization process and that the anonymized, harmonized data is compatible with data from other sources. It also supports the growing need for high-quality clinical data from multiple sources for use with machine learning and AI-based applications, to support improved patient diagnostics and treatments.

“Access to data, combining and sharing datasets, and quality of data are very important for our clients, who are often global pharma, diagnostics and health tech companies. We are very happy to deepen our collaboration with MediSapiens. MediSapiens’ extraordinary data harmonization stack together with VEIL.AI’s unique anonymization technology offer an easy approach for sometimes complicated needs.”, says Tuomo Pentikäinen, CEO of VEIL.AI.

"We have been very excited to join forces with VEIL.AI, combining the MediSapiens data harmonization capabilities with VEIL.AI's anonymization know-how", says Hans Garritzen, VP of Sales at MediSapiens. "We regularly hear from clients the requirement and wish to use rich clinical data from multiple sources, yet they face challenges in combining these data sets because of the sensitivity and compatibility of these data sets. The MediSapiens-VEIL.AI process addresses those challenges in an innovative and cost-saving manner".

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