Our purpose.

The purpose of our company is to “Build bridges to better health”. We want to help pharma companies, hospitals, and other organizations to utilize sensitive health data for research, innovation, and development to support new discoveries, innovative patient treatment and better decision making. Our solution can be the bridge that provides access to richer utilization of data for our customers.

Our background.

In our work at the Institute for Molecular Medicine Finland, a leading research institute under the umbrella of the Helsinki Institute of Life Science at the University of Helsinki, we worked with sensitive, demanding data management projects involving pseudonymization, anonymization, consent management, and data release/transfer management.

In our 20+ years of experience in these projects, in collaboration with biobanks, hospitals and pharma companies, our team began to make key observations about the limitations of state-of-the-art IT technologies:

  • Support for use of Real World Data (RWD) was limited
  • Working with data from diverse sources was difficult
  • Existing anonymization technologies often produced data of insufficient quality
  • Support for privacy protection of complicated data types like genome, imaging, and free text data was limited

Most of all, the time to access data was often painfully slow.

We tried to see if, using our expertise in the field, we could solve one or two of these problems — and ended up with a solution with the potential to solve all of them. We believe VEIL.AI Advanced Anonymization, that combines our deep biomedical data expertise and unique AI-drive technology, is a winning recipe to solve the issues facing research involving sensitive data and solve the silo problem in biomedical research and innovation.

Join us to build better health.

We want to help you to utilize sensitive health data in better ways than before. Our unique solution improves accessibility, quality, and utility of health data while still securing privacy. It can be the bridge that provides access to richer utilization of data for you as well.

Let us help you to help others

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