Real-world Data as Enabler of Personalized Healthcare


May 31, 2021

Healthcare is becoming ever more personalized. Carrying out randomized clinical trials has become much harder as recruiting patients for certain rare condition focused trials could take decades.

In the age of digitalization, vast amounts of data is being collected to hospital information systems and elsewhere. Use of this real-world data has shown its promise to contribute to this problem e.g. as a virtual trial arm.

Quality of the data is of utmost importance in order to generate relevant insights. Does Finland have quality data and how can it be used? How can anonymized data be used? Come and hear on 1st of June at Health Talks.


16.00-16.05 Opening words, Juha Laine / Roche

16.05-16.25 Use of real-world data in drug approval and reimbursement processes – case Flatiron, Jessica Davies / Roche

16.25-16.45 Use of structured data in research and in clinic - case Apotti/HUS, Mikko Parry / HUS

16.45-17.00 Innovation around real-world data, benefits of anonymization, Tuomo Pentikäinen / VEIL.AI 

17.00-17.15 Q&A with all speakers

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**VEIL.AI is a member of iCAN Precision Cancer Medicine cluster.**

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