VEIL.AI featured at the 5th Nordic Conference on Pediatric Medicines

By Lauri Kuronen

May 16, 2024

VEIL.AI participated in the pediatric clinical trial-focused conference, and several speakers highlighted how next-generation anonymization can enable more and better research on key pediatric health challenges.

VEIL.AI participated as a sponsor in the 5th Nordic Conference on Pediatric Medicines on May 14-15th in Helsinki, Finland, alongside Bristol Myers Squibb, Suomen Rokotetutkimus (Finnish Vaccine Research), ICON Plc, MedEngine, and Tietoevery. The 5th Nordic Conference on Pediatric Medicines focuses on the future of pediatric and orphan clinical trials, with a focus on the changing regulatory landscape for clinical trials in the EU and how technological innovations can support clinical trial practices and perspectives.

VEIL.AI was highlighted by keynote speaker Katariina Gerhmann of HUS New Children’s Hospital on the second day of the conference, where she discussed the novel PHEMS project. VEIL.AI is a key partner in this collaboration between European pediatric hospitals, where next-generation anonymization and synthetic data capabilities will allow researchers to access larger sets of sensitive pediatric health data. 

This increased access to data will enable novel research in key areas of pediatric healthcare where there are currently deficits, including the management of pediatric cardiology patients, predicting sepsis in pediatric intensive care units, and predicting correct clotting factor dosage in children with bleeding disorders.

Speakers from Bayer and MedEngine also commented on the use of VEIL.AI’s next-generation anonymization in the Future Clinical Trials project, highlighting how the same analysis results could be obtained from VEIL.AI’s next-generation anonymized data as the original, sensitive pseudonymized data. 

If you are interested in finding out more about how VEIL.AI’s anonymization technology could be used in a clinical research or hospital setting, get in contact to find out more!

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