VEIL.AI sponsors the 46th OECI Oncology Days in Helsinki June 12-14

By Juha Paakkola

June 11, 2024

VEIL.AI will participate as a sponsor in the Organization for European Cancer Institutes (OECI) 46th Oncology Days in Helsinki June 12-14th. 

OECI is a non-governmental organization comprised of 139 member institutes, including some of the most prominent European Comprehensive cancer centers. The focus of this year’s Oncology Days is on new cutting-edge technology in cancer treatment and in fighting inequalities in cancer research and care. 

The 46th OECI Oncology Days is hosted by the Helsinki University Hospital (HUS) Comprehensive Cancer Centre, the first accredited Comprehensive Cancer Center in the Nordics and the second in Europe. HUS is a key partner for VEIL.AI, where we aim to enable the developmentment of cancer research and treatment with our next-generation anonymization services. 

To find out more about how VEIL.AI’s next-generation can speed up and enable cross-border research involving sensitive health data, get in contact with us.

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