VEIL.AI’s highlights from the PHEMS Consortium Meeting in London

By Daniel Nguyen

June 26, 2024

VEIL.AI participated as a key technology partner at the PHEMS project consortium meeting at the GOSH DRIVE Office in London. We have partnered with pediatric hospitals and technology companies across Europe to enable transborder data collaborations of sensitive health data for research.

The PHEMS project aims to enhance cross-border collaboration, improve healthcare outcomes, and facilitate easier access to health data. VEIL.AI’s next-generation anonymization technology ensures high-quality, GDPR-compliant anonymized data, supporting PHEMS’s goals without compromising data quality.

CEO Tuomo Pentikäinen, Data Scientist Susanne Hultsch, and Senior Project Manager Anniina Wäyrynen attended the meeting with key partners, including HUS, Great Ormond Street Hospital, Erasmus University Medical Center and others.

On the 1st day, VEIL.AI’s CTO Timo Miettinen hosted a workshop on privacy enhancing technologies remotely. This presentation was targeted towards the entire consortium and the objective was to introduce the concepts of anonymization and synthetization, their advantages and uses as well as the relevance of these technologies to the PHEMS project.

On the 2nd day, VEIL.AI together with Erasmus MC held a workshop about metrics to compare models created with synthetic data against models developed from real world data. The workshop demonstrated the complexities of anonymization and synthetization and the critical role that synthetic data plays in PHEMS.

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