VEIL.AI uses LUMI supercomputer to speed up development of next-generation anonymization technology for health data

By Kari Lehtipuu

November 30, 2023

Health data can be extremely useful for research, innovation, and development, but can only be freely utilized if identifying information for individuals in the dataset are removed by anonymization. However, legacy anonymization methods provide data that is of low quality and unsuitable for downstream analysis. Leveraging LUMI supercomputer’s extraordinary computing power, deeptech innovator VEIL.AI’s next-generation anonymization technology is ready to unlock the power of valuable health data, whose use has been limited due to regulation and privacy concerns.

VEIL.AI is developing next-generation anonymization technology that creates high-fidelity data anonymization, retaining the integrity and usability of sensitive health data and anonymization of new health data types: it provides data that is free of identifying personal information and of extremely high quality. This data can then be used for secondary purposes, such as external control arms for randomized clinical trials— as in VEIL.AI’s recent publication in cooperation with Bayer.

This technology will be very useful with the coming changes related to the European Health Data Space (EHDS). With the upcoming changes in legislation, standards, and practices related to this ecosystem, anonymization can be the missing link that offers seamless transition to compliance without a loss of operational utility.

“We believe next-generation anonymization is a necessary tool in all data scientists’ toolboxes supporting EHDS and Europe’s transform from silos and slow data sharing to much faster and more secure utilization of sensitive health data in transborder data collaborations.”

         – Tuomo Pentikäinen, CEO, VEIL.AI

“LUMI’s huge computing capacity will help us further develop our algorithms, which will enable anonymizing and synthesizing new data types and very sensitive data that was not possible before.”

         – Timo Miettinen, CTO, VEIL.AI

“It is important to understand the needs of company-led research projects, and VEIL.AI’s project gives us valuable experience for the future.”

        – Dan Still, Partnership Manager, CSC – IT Center for Science

Up to 20% of the LUMI supercomputer’s capacity has been reserved for companies for product development and innovation activities. VEIL.AI has received a Business Finland computing grant for LUMI capacity to speed up their validation and development work, aiming to bring its privacy-enhancing technologies to a better quality than ever before. 

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